Two Dads

Wilber and Orwell invented flight! Jake and Elwood were on a mission from God. Harry and William, well that’s complicated, and who knew Brad Pitt had a brother named Doug!

Even more famous, naturally talented, witty and generous, the Ward brothers, David and Andrew Ward are two dads that set out annually to raise money for sick and disadvantaged rural and regional Aussie kids. 

Become a partner and donor of team two dads and be part of the adventures and life changing impact that the Kidzfix foundation have during their annual rally event. 

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KidzFix Rally is about giving back to others in need. As part of our journey around Australia we aim to change the lives of sick and disadvantaged children.

We are all motivated by different things. You might have or know a child who has experienced a serious illness/incident or for others it might be about ensuring there are support services and appropriate medical facilities available should there ever be a need in their family. And for some, it's the simple fact that children deserve the right to be kids, less worry and more play so whatever we can provide through our fundraising effort to make their lives more enjoyable is worth contributing to.


KidzFix Rally is a boutique driving adventure designed to explore parts of Australia that are off the beaten track. We aim to deliver 80% dirt roads during the days and will share with you gems of Australia including small country towns, outback pubs and new friendships, but it's not just about the drive. Over the years we have made a significant impact on children in communities across Australia from small to large projects. Our focus is on making the largest impact with each dollar spent.

This year our team will aim to raise $4500 in support of our 2024 projects. Check out the Kidzfix Website to learn more 

Thank you for your support. Details of these projects can be found on our KidzFix Projects page.

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